Essay on Isolation in a Big World: Reflection on the Social Network

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Isolation in a Big World: Reflection on the Social Network In my opinion, the film The Social Network, directed by David Fincher, was a great experience to view. Although the film was pretty much two hours of fast-paced dialogue, there’s truly a deeper meaning behind the film and the way the characters acted. It was definitely a film that will make you think. This film isn’t the ordinary slow-paced drama/biographies you’re used to, therefore it was tough to follow at the beginning. I believe that this film was shot so perfectly to match today’s 21st century society. The characters in the film followed exactly the way we act and behave today because Facebook was created. Facebook has changed human life. People no longer call each other on their phone’s to talk, instead they inbox each other or instant message each other. Relationships are affected now by who posts on the opposite partner’s wall, who likes their profile picture, and who they instant message. Our lives can now be ruined with a click of a button. Our society doesn’t function the way it used to because everyone is “addicted” to Facebook. I came across a post on Pinterest about “Facebook Psychology” and I was surprised to learn that doctors can officially diagnose patients with Internet Addiction Disorder and an average human being now has an average of an 8 second attention span, compared to 12 seconds, when Facebook was not created. It wasn’t a surprise to me as a viewer when Eduardo’s girlfriend, Christy, was angry that his relationship status on Facebook wasn’t changed to in a relationship. This shows that the director really knew how to portray people who live today because even I would be mad if my boyfriend’s relationship status was single! In the film, Mark also had a continuing inner competition with himself which could describe many of people who live today. He constantly wanted to be better, create new ideas, and make Facebook that much better. He was never fully satisfied with what he created and always wanted to be the person “on top”. I think this was because he wanted to show to his ex what he was capable of and wanted to impress her. With Facebook’s constant reloading of new posts and photos, many people get discouraged of themselves and their lives and have a competition to be better. Girls are always taking new pictures of themselves to use as their profile picture hoping to get more likes than all the other “pretty” girls to impress other guys, and guys are constantly posting new pictures of their abs/arm muscles to show off to guys and get more girls. It’s a constant battlefield “out there”. It’s pretty sad how our lives revolve around a website on the internet. In this film, Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook and I find it so ironic how he is so socially awkward and isolated from the whole world, but creates the perfect website to connect the whole world into one. I think the way Mark was shot was stunning. It was shot after shot of him looking like he was emotionless, but something about the way he was shot like that made me feel like there’s so many things rushing in his mind. This made me feel like no “normal” human being can understand the difficulty of being so intelligent. The way he was shot gave me a sense of that he truly is not an “asshole”, but deep-down he must be just really insecure. Although Mark is truly a genius, I think he has a hard time expressing positive feelings. After leaving the bar, he walks to his dorm alone and going opposite of the direction of traffic which could show that Mark is truly isolated and an outsider. As the creator of Facebook, you would obviously have to be very smart, but it’s a surprise to me how awkward of a person he is. This is where the film’s tagline comes to play, “You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies”. Mark goes through the creation of Facebook and faces many challenges through greed, jealousy, and success. Of course through the business of