Isolations: United States and Imperialism Essay examples

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Is isolationism the way to go, or is it? Throughout the chapter we discussed a lot about imperialism and isolationism. The history of the U.S can describe both being use/used in our country. From that time being, the United States went from foreign policy changed from isolationism to imperialism. As for me I believe in imperialism. It was proven time and again throughout history that in order to survive, a nation must expand its borders and become more powerful.
Isolationism for example was the belief of Washington’s Farewell Address and the Monroe Doctrine. Washington greatly believed in isolationism; which stated the United States should stay out of other countries, and not to interfere in problems or issues. Isolationists believe that the American government should be concerned about the needs and desires of its own citizens. They didn’t believe our government should be potentially involved in every conflict around the globe. It basically represented them as national self-determinates.
Imperialism, on the other hand believes that the United States government should protect national interest, even if that means getting involved in conflicts around the globe. They believe that it is the government’s duty to spread our political and economic systems to other countries, by force if necessary. In other words, they believe in U.S. leadership of the world. The U.S imperialistic started when they decided s to acquire naval bases and refueling stations for their ships, to control new markets in which to sell U.S products, and to get more raw materials and resources to help the growing industries. For example, the war in Iraq today is mainly because of the oil