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ISP 221

Six Degrees Chapter 4 Summary

The chapter starts by discussing how sea levels are affecting different areas globally. Sea levels rising by 50cms will leave at least 1.5 million people will be displaced in Egypt alone. Bangladesh loses over 30% of its land area displacing tens of millions of people. New Jersey would see 170 sq. km flooded and Mumbai, Shanghai, New York, London and Venice would be inundated.

At a 4° temperature increase, sea level changes would be irreversible. There is uncertainty as regards to the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet. If there were to be an invasion of seawater, rapid melting would result, leading to a 5 meter rise in sea levels.

The result of the above would me international decline in agricultural production due to reduced river flows and desertification. Australia will support almost no agriculture. Much of the Indian sub-continent will be arid. Hotspots for drought will include southwestern areas of North America, Central America, Mediterranean, South Africa and Australia. In the Mediterranean countries 70% of summer rains would fail, heat waves would last on average 65 days longer than presently, wildfires would occur as far north as the Alps. In the UK summer temperatures could reach 45° and droughts would be commonplace. In Europe there would be 80% less snowfall leading to water shortages. The water level in the Caspian Sea would drop by 10 meters.

A 4° temperature rise would see a collapse of