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The Timeline of Edward Said

The Timeline of Edward Said

1935 – Edward Wadie Said borns in Talbiya, West Jerusalem, his mother named him after the prince of Wales. Especially when he was a student Said says that his name made him stand out in many aspects of his life. He spends his formative years in Jerusalem but receives his education from English public schools.

Late 1940s – Edward Said was a student of at the Victoria College (Egyptian branch) where he was expelled in 1951. He recalls his studies and his group mates talk about how all of them were to become prime ministers and politicians in the future. He also recalls how his identity created during the times of his study.

1951 – He was sent to Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts. Said remembers he was miserable as well as in trouble with adjusting to a new settings. He hoped to find some help from Egyptian professor but there was no real help. 1963 – Said arrives to New York to work at Columbia University. He was the individual with exotic background, but the background was irrelevant to the people around him.

1967 – the beginning of Arab-Israeli war influenced life of Said he became involved in the political processes that took part in the campus. The war as well as its results are the reason for Said to begin feeling divides between the two worlds.

The 1970s – he continued working in US universities as well as was taking more and more interest in the politics and international connections of Middle East. In addition he had the idea of teaching courses