Essay about Israel Versus Palestine

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The problem between Israel and Palestine is the most important unsolved issue that troubles not only the Middle East but also the peace of the whole world. Although the political entity called Israel pre existed from 1200 BCE, Palestinians do not recognize Israel’s right to exist as a nation. During World War Two over 6 million Jews were killed in European concentration camps. The surviving Jews had no place to go and thus they needed to revive their nation in order to have a country to go to. Unfortunately, in their effort to create a state they did some crimes as well. To be more specific, in 1946 a Jewish organization called Etzel bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and also the British Headquarters for Palestine, killing 92 people. Moreover on 9 April 1948 Zionist militias killed 107 people in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. These atrocities are not justifiable but they have to be view in terms of the Israeli people agonic to survive in a hostile environment surrounding with enemies. Against all the odds, the state of Israel managed to survive.
It’s true that the Palestinians have been under Muslim rule almost continuously since 636 CE. Believing that Israelis have no right to be in Palestine they attacked Israeli people with all sort of terroristic acts. In 1972 Palestinian militants killed 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich, and in 2001 a Palestinian activist killed 30 civilians and hurt 140 in a suicide attack. The leadership of Israel believes in securing peace through the creation of a powerful military…