Issue On Technology Essay

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Sagar Adhikari
Professor Barbara A. Pletz
ESL 0190 – Essay #04
August 5 2014
Issue On Technology Nowadays technology has become important use of tool for all the people in world. It had helped people in many ways. For example, to create an effort, optimized time and with any kinds of resources that people use in daily basis. In my ruler areas, societies and countries it has helped to raise their economics in advanced way. It has helped to make tourism attraction site in different places. In the other hand, technology also creates pollution from factories and consumes a natural resource implementing the earth and its environment. Firstly, people in this whole world depend on technology today. They have made them a tool that can fulfill their needs and satisfy their wants in a real life. An example from today’s world. Children age from three and above uses a computer, iPhone and other kinds of devices, which they like the most. This type of things will bring impact in their life when they start to grow. They will always need some kind of technology in them to work. They will not be able to use their own brain to do tasks they will always depends on technology for help.
Technology also makes a barrier between human interaction and the communication. People will start to communicate from the computer rather than meeting face to face. They will rely their life in cyber network that makes them to forget the real world. They will feel easy to make communication between different people around the world because you don’t feel shy to speak in social networking site you just message them and continue the conversation. This will also loose the communication with people in real world. For example, when they find something in a real life they will much prefer to use a social networking site to make a conversation. They will all forget the real world conversation and making a communication with people. However, technology helps people in order to develop economical, social, political issues in society. It also