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Samantha Niewolak
Professor Brinker
ENGL 1190
5 February 2015
Famous and Pregnant at 16 Teenage Pregnancy used to be a taboo topic but as time goes on, it’s becoming the norm. It’s all over television with shows like Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant, as well as other teen actresses showing off their baby bumps. These kinds of shows depict teenage girls’ journey through pregnancy and motherhood. What kind of an effect does teenage pregnancy in the media have on teenage girls? Some would say it is negative because it only glamourizes the hardships young mothers have to go through. Others would argue saying it gives a look at the financial struggle the teen moms had to endure and the sacrifices made for their children. Does television glamourize teenage pregnancy? This issue speaks to me because I plan on working with children in the future. My concern with teen pregnancy is that the baby will not get the proper care it needs. Many teen parents don’t have a large enough income to support themselves and a baby. In many circumstances the “baby daddy” does not help care for the child. That’s not fair to the child to have to grow up without a father and it’s not fair to the mother to have to raise that child alone. Many teenage relationships involving a child lead to physical and verbal domestic violence. Children conceived from a teenage pregnancy are more likely to have children as a teen. Many of the teens that starred in MTV’s Teen Mom have not been the best role models for the