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Issue Proposal
I am doing my augment paper on weather there “Is there too much pressure on girl of this generation to have perfect bodies?” My major is women’s ministry so I have always had a passion for the hearts and minds of women and girls. I feel today in society to girls have felt a lot of pressure to but on this “perfect façade”. I want to write about this topic to inform people and make them realize that these things are still going on in the media. That the way women are being portrayed is not okay and has great effects.
What I already know about this subject is that many teen girls feel bad about them self’s because of what they see on magazines, TVs and in the movies. The amount of eating disorders, suicides, and depression victim’s among young girls has gone up over the years. Social media has a great effect on all of these. Most magazines edit and Photoshop their models to make them look more beautiful to the eyes of their buyers.
I still have a lot to learn about this subject. Most of which will be facts and stats. I want to learn how actually girls feel about this subject. I will also have to learn about where I think the media is going form here, and if they are trying to stop it or not. I also want to learn just more about the subject in effect on women and girls and weather they think it should stop. I will go about doing this by asking girls in their teen years what they think about the subject and weather or not they feel effected by it. I will also