Essay Issues About War

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Issues about war
1. What are the aims and causes of war?
The aims of war are to either control a country or rescue the country from going into chaos. The causes of war could be certain people wanting control e.g. Hitler or trying to stop a war from breaking out but in the end having one. There are many reasons but this is just a couple.
2. What impact does war have on society?
War makes a lot of people bitter and anxious as it costs countries a lot of money and soldiers lose their lives. On the other hand you could benefit from wars as you can double your money by making the country go in debt. That is what America and others are doing to Afghanistan and Iraq by taking their natural resources and using it for their own benefit and not just because they want to help.
3. What is the nature of war in recent history, discuss examples, and how these wars have effected lives and the way we think?
The war in Afghanistan is a good example of a war that has been lasting for far too long. No one believes that it should be continued as the Taliban have disappeared but this is not the case as other believe their still there. It has affected millions of lives as the Afghans had to flee out of their own country otherwise they might’ve died but it has not only affected the lives of Afghans but also other countries around the world. Countries have tried helping Afghanistan and have lost their soldiers lives and that’s why people have started to become bitter about the Afghan war as it