Issues In The Movie Rear Window

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As a Resident Assistant, I get the pleasure of living in a building with thirty neighbors and observing them through my “Rear Window.” As I invest in these girls, a few issues that I have observed are depression, family conflicts, and not making time for neighbors. These issues are not unique to Grand 405. They are representative of some of the issues that are existent in society.
In the Rear Window, there were many problems that were observed by Jeff. The most serious problem that was observed was a man killing his wife. He gave evidence to support his hypothesis. One piece of evidence that he offered up was the fact that the Thorwalds were always fighting. He said that he had observed them bickering and that the wife would almost never leave
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It is not adequate to say that depression is sadness caused by painful events or circumstances, although there is a relationship between those events and depression. At Olivet this year, there has been an increase in emotional support animals. These animals usually bring comfort to their owners. There are a couple in my building are on top of that there are several more residents suffering from emotional problems. The cause of these problems varies from family issues to rape to heartbreaks. In the movie, there was a character referred to as heartbroken girl. This character was depressed and looking for love. Toward the end of the movie, viewers were on the edge of their seats as they wondered if she was going to swallow a bottle full of pills or not. Fortunately, she did not take this action and at the end of the movie you see she has found a companion. It is beneficial to both heartbroken girl and my residents to have someone to come alongside them and walk through life with them. This does need to be a boyfriend, but a friend, a neighbor. It is important to have a support system consisting of your neighbors. In the movie, one of the neighbors yells out to her neighbors about how they do not care about each other and are not acting like “true neighbors.” Acting like a true neighbor would mean be invested in each other’s lives. Which brings me to the last problem, not making time for each