Issues Surrounding The Rwandan Genocide

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Throughout history there have been many cases of grisly genocide that like the Holocaust went unnoticed and ignored by the world until it was almost unavoidable. The chances of another genocide is very likely to occur. As well as something like the internment of Japanese-Americans can very easily happen in the United States today. Another genocide could very easily happen again. A major issue that allowed genocides in Rwanda and the Balkans was the blatant disdain to the issue. Many people knew of the atrocities occurring in these places and turned a blind eye. Or many people felt sorry for what was going on but were not compelled enough to do anything. This attitude can be detrimental to third world countries with internal conflict and are susceptible to genocide breaking out. The “what a shame” attitude vs. “what can I do to help” is a difference in saving lives. Over 6 million Jews died from 1933 to 1945, in 1942 the state department confirmed the Germans were planning on exterminating the Jews no action was taken. This just goes to show how unrealistic it is to say another genocide could never occur. …show more content…
The Holocaust was caused by someone who rose off of blame put onto an ethnic group for an economic crisis. Something similar can happen in a country like Greece that has tremendous debt. Any person is capable of rising to power and exploiting citizens of it’s nation. The Rwandan genocide was caused by tensions among the Tutsis and the Hutus, two ethnic groups native to Rwanda. There are many countries right now that are feuding over ethnic divide such as the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Two countries that have had cultural and religious differences and a fight for territory for many years. Genocide can stem from many conflicts or issues thus making genocide an issue that can still very easily