Issues and Traditions of Western Religions Essay

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam


February 14, 2011
William F. Stapleton

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Every person has his or her own set of beliefs and traditions in which they have been raised by or simply believe in. Whether it is Judaism, Christianity, or Muslim, all individuals have the freedom to practice and express what they believe in. Gaining knowledge of other religions can provide a better understanding of current issues that concerns them as well as their beliefs and characteristics, and most important specific traditions that define each religion. No matter if it is Judaism, Christianity or Muslim, taking a closer look at their beliefs can help understand their faith and culture.
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Islam The word Islam means peace and stands for complete submission and obedience to Allah. The Islamic concept is that, Allah created the entire universe and is the lord and sovereign of the universe (Abmad, 2004). Muslims believe that Allah created all man and granted each man a specific time to live upon on earth. Muslims believe there is no Allah except Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet. All Muslims must believe in and follow the code revealed by Allah through the article of faith (Abmad, 2004). Islam religion lives by their Holy book known as the Quran, they believe in the five pillars, which are an Islamic Faith declaration, and a witness to them that there is no other god but Allah. The five pillars are the foundation of Muslims life and serve as professions that all Muslims must accomplish. The five pillars are Iman, which represents faith, Salah or prayer, Sawm for fasting, Zakah for Charity, and Hajj for pilgrimage (All About, 2011). Sacred Traditions All religions have sacred traditions, which they follow and live by. One of the known traditions of all Jewish people is the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a celebration Jewish people celebrates to remind themselves that the fruits they eat come from the earth and that they are a gift from God. This celebration takes place on a Friday evening and it begins with the lighting and blessing of candles just before sunset (Jewish