Istanbul and International Environmental Project Essay

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“A Visit To The Kingdom

April 30, 2013 was the date when when opportunity knocked my door.
A cordial invitation from the INEPO TURKEY was an innovation of mind of the cadets of our college the invitation exhaled my sorrows and inhaled the gladness which I couldn’t achieved ever by any news. The moment was more than to describe It was unbelievable that I along my partner Cadet Arham khan was among those lucky person who carved out niche for ourselves, for our college and for our dear homeland.
It was quite a great honor for us to participate internationally and all these credits goes to our dear principal and His great Heaven that is our college who gave us a chance to show really what we can do and what we are capable of.
Our countdown was started we had to prepare for May 15, 2013 the date of departure to Turkey. As our great and genius teacher Sir Shahid Munir Shah who believed in the saying that, “Well done is better than well said. He with his wise wisdom had really done a great and epic job for the Future by his thought which became our project “Good Effect Of The Recitation Of the Holy Quran Sound On The Growth Of Plants”. The idea was wonderful and it came as due to the intense increase of using fertilizers which causes people to suffer from Cancer, brain tumor etc and to face the music of death. May 1st, 2013 started with our preparation of our project as for me it was first time to confront an international challenge but as days passed we were able to present our project wonderfully.
Everything was ready by May 14, 2013 and only one day left to meet a epic finale. The moment came May 15, 2013 when we sat off to Karachi from Hyderabad in the morning and stayed almost half day at my partner’s home, as our flight had to take off at the dawn of next morning we were greatly host by the father of my partner and I thank his majesty because he didn’t sleep the whole night and warmly took care of us. When clock was ticking it last minute of May 15, 2013 and after 12 o’ clock at night we started to get ready for our trip. By this or that we were ready at 2 o’ clock and left his home and reached Jinnah International Terminal. It took 2 hours to get in line and to receive boarding cards and to walkthrough security gates with our hand bags and our project. Though our sweat was toiling due to the worse management of the people over there but the happiness of our trip had a power to control that toiling and overcoming it.
The announcement was in progress as usually with the same lines for everyone and everyday but with different destinations. We started to embark in plane and made a last phone call at home to listen the worthy departure words.
The plane took off at the accurate time 5:35 am at the dawn. The plane had a plenty of luxuries to comfort its passengers. The plane had a great deal of entertainment as it amused us with lots of movies, applications and drama series. After a passing a bit time the breakfast was served I saw my teacher and my partner was eating with coziness and I did the same with the first bit but for me it was the antonym of coziness the food was not as I use to eat but somehow I managed myself to ease with juices and fresh fruits then we had little nap of couple of hours and by a great joy we enjoyed our journey and safely stomp our feet in the land of Turkey. Again we had to suffer for 2 hrs but it didn’t toiled rather safely we crossed all the security gates and hired a luxurious taxi outside the Ataturk International terminal. The taxi dropped us at Fatih Kolej of Istanbul where the project evaluation was to be held. It was May 16, 2013 that day we fully took rest and prepared our self for the next day. On that day we were greatly served with delight meals and fresh drink and sweet deserts. The day really taught us about the social graces of the Turkish peoples and that is the secret of