ISU Assignment Essay

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8 Predictions
8 Questions
7 Summaries
7 Inferences
8 Word Definitions
8 Literary Devices
7 Visualizations
8 Connections

Pg. 1-5: Predictions
I predict that Margo will touch Robert Joyner, and he will not be dead but only injured. Then they will call the police and when he goes to the hospital, they will learn more about him and his death and what relevance he will have to the story.

Pg. 6-10: Questions
1) What does Quentin mean when he says, “And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loves mysteries so much that she became one”?

Pg. 11-15: Summary
Quentin woke up late and went to school, and everyone there was stressed about prom because there was only three weeks of high school left. His friend Radar had a date but his other friend Ben didn’t. He thought about a girl, his neighbour, Margo Roth Spiegelman. She was cute and a potential prom date but she already had a boyfriend Chase.

Pg. 16-20: Word Definitions
Diplomacy- The conduct by government officials of negotiations
Honey Bunny- A girl that is sweet and nice, also a freshman in high school
Hypothetical- Assumed, Supposed, and given to making hypothesis
Anabolic- Constructed metabolism, more complex organisms from simple ones
Adjacent- Lying near, close or contiguous, adjoining; neighbourly; near by

Pg. 21-25: Literary Devices
Hyperbole: “He sent me into the terrifying netherworld of Winter Parks dishwashing corps.”

Pg. 26-30: Visualization
I imagine Quentin, or “Q’s” bedroom to have a window right across his room from his computer because when Margo see's she says she can clearly see his computer screen. The window is also right above his bed because when Margo comes in through it she lands right onto the bed.

Pg 31-35: Connections
When Margo’s dad is trying to talk some sense into her, he gives her big speech on acting right in public and he also tells her that she is an embarrassment to their friends. I can relate or connect because when my sister and I are having fun/acting foolish our dad also gives this mini speech to us.

Pg. 36-40:Inferences
An inference I can make from Q is that even though he is a nerdy or studious type of person and Margo is not, whenever Margo wants him to do things that are reckless he will. This shows that Q loves Margo more than as a friend, because he would never do this for anyone else.

Pg. 41-45:Word Definitions
Illustrious- Obsolete, luminous; bright
Vindictive- Proceeding from or showing a revengeful spirit
Leisurely- Acting, proceeding, or done without haste; unhurried; deliberate
Cosmos- A complete, orderly, harmonious system
Calligraphy- Fancy penmanship, especially highly decorative handwriting

Pg. 46-50:Word Definitions
Frenzied- Wildly excited or enthusiastic
Hacienda- A large landed estate, especially one used for farming or ranching
Vessel- A person regarded as a holder or received of something; something of nonmaterial
Undermining- To disregard something or someone or having weak faith in them
Snaggletooth- A tooth growing out beyond or apart from the other teeth

Pg. 51-55:Word Definitions
Faux- Artificial or imitation; fake
Eerily- Uncanny, so as to inspire superstitious fear; weird
Serenity- The state or quality or being serene, calm, or tranquil
Phallus- An image of the male reproductive organ
Abstract- theoretical; not applied or practiced; difficult to understand

Pg. 56-60:Word Definitions
Exertion- Vigorous actions or effort; physical or mental exertion
Mania- Excessive excitement or enthusiasm; craze
Laborious- Requiring much work, perseverance or diligent in work
Aristotle- Greek philosopher; pupil or Pluto; tutor of Alexander the Great
Inky- Black as ink; inky shadows, resembling ink

Pg. 61-65:Word Definitions
Degradation- The act of degrading or being degraded
Lament- To feel or express sorrow or regret for; to mourn for or over
Depilated- To remove the hair from
Usurped- To seize ones hold; to use without authority or