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In today’s society, many teenagers feel the need to have and to attend parties just to have a good time. When in reality, their parties lead to a bad time for most. At these parties one will find teenagers drinking all types of alcohol and taking illegal drugs. Underage drinking has been a huge factor these past few years and there are several reasons why. Teenagers always fear they will not fit in, therefore, they will do whatever it takes to fit in. With underage drinking comes many costly consequences, in which, teenagers now do not consider before making their decision to drink.
Consequently, one will experience several side effects from drinking which could be temporary or long-lasting effects. Some side effects that are experienced right away are having a headache, dehydration, loss of concentration, and even visual disturbances. One may even black out which can be serious to the body. Abusing alcohol can be extremely harmful to one’s body, especially to teenagers, since their bodies and brains are still developing. Another problem from drinking is that they lose control of their actions. Young teenagers should know and remember that alcohol abuse not only leads to severe damage to the body, but can often lead to death. Unfortunately, teenagers do not think about the effects that alcohol will have on them when they get older.
Another effect of underage drinking can be caused if this teenager decides to drink and drive or get in a car with someone who is drinking and driving. In that case, if a police officer pulls them over, he or she will then get a criminal record that may never go away. With a criminal record, one may not be able to apply for a job. Other results are received at court when they are to be in front of a judge. Depending on the crime committed, a person may get jail time, community service, expensive fines, and even have their drivers’ license revoked. Fines are just payments that could have been avoided, however, the money is being wasted because of one good time.
For instance, there was a boy named Miguel whom just finished high school and was headed to a university. The weekend before college started for him, he decided to go to a party with people who he thought were friends. He knew he should not have gone, but he went anyways. When he got there, his