Essay on IT 210 Week 8 CheckPoint Object Oriented Data and Processes

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IT 210 – Checkpoint - Object-Oriented Data and Processes – Due Day #5
Declare Blade Control Bar as Real
Declare Lawnmower as Real
Declare Ignition Key as Real
Declare Self Propel Drive as Real

Open Self Propel Mower Operations Hold Blade control bar against the handle Insert Ignition Key as Real Turn Ignition Key Put Both Hands on Blade Control bar Walk with Self Propel Lawnmower
End Program

The objects involved in this task include the person that is going to operate the self propel mower and the mower itself. The items on the mower include the blade control bar. The handle is made of plastic and aluminum. The mower is composed of four tires made of rubber and plastic. The mower also has an ignition switch that turns the mower on. It has a gas operated motor which is made of aluminum with a fiberglass body.

Self Propel Mower Operations Declare Lawn Mower as Real Declare Blade Control Bar as Real Declare Self Propel Drive as Real

Subprogram Hold Blade Control Bar Set Hold Blade Control Bar = Hold Blade Control Bar Insert Ignition Key Turn Ignition Key Start Lawnmower End Subprogram
Subprogram Drive Self Propel Mower Set Drive Self Propel Mower = Walk with Mower End Subprogram
Function Hold Blade Control Bar () as Real…