It-301 Unit 2 Assignment Essay

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The Project Charter
Project Name: 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
Project Manager: Crystal Clousher
Project Tracking Number: PMIT-301-01 Date: May 20, 2013
Project Justification: This project will present the opportunity to have a traditional wedding and honeymoon that was never had. The official wedding was carried out in front of a Justice of the Peace with only three guests and there was no honeymoon. In undertaking this project the Husband and Wife will be able to have a traditional wedding in front of their family and friends. There is also the opportunity to go on the Caribbean Cruise they so wanted after the first wedding. This also presents the opportunity for the husband and wife to show their continued love and
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The original date of marriage was March 28, 2005. As such the 10 year anniversary celebration must be carried out on March 28, 2015. 2. The estimated budget is not to exceed $10,000.
Key Assumptions: 1. All activates will be associated with the project. 2. All costs incurred will be directly related to the project. 3. All outside resources will be available when needed because of advance scheduling. 4. The project can be completed within the budget of $10,000. 5. The project can be completed by March 28, 2015. 6. The cruise line will have an available cruise leaving March 29, 2015.
Signatures—the following people agree that the above information is accurate: * Project team members: * JoAnne Snyder * Irene Harvey

* Project sponsor and/or authorizing manager(s): * Dustin Clousher * Crystal Clousher * Thomas Shawcross

Appendix A WBS
10 Year Anniversary Celebration
1.0 Pre Vowel Renewal Planning 1.1 Wedding Party 1.1.1 Bridesmaids Dresses 1.1.2 Ushers Tuxedos 1.1.3 Brides Dress 1.1.4 Grooms Tux 1.1.5 Wedding party gifts 1.2 Location 1.3 Guests 1.3.1 Guest list created 1.3.2 Guest contact information collected 1.4 Invitations 1.4.1 Invitation selected 1.4.2 Invitations ordered and delivered 1.4.3 Invitations sent to guest list 1.5