It Can't End Yet Essay

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It can’t end yet
It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I was standing on the side of the freeway, over the body that had bones piercing though the skin and blood pooling around it. I knew it was my own, but could not and would not accept that fact. I cannot die, there is too much going for me; I passed my MCATs and now accepted into Texas A&M medical school, my perfect boyfriend, I was going to see my family that last time I saw I had stormed out on, and now I was going to tell them sorry and that I love them, I cannot leave so many things unfinished!
I heard the sirens before seeing the red and blue flashing lights. They were rushing to my broken body lay on the pavement. The EMTs brought the gurney to my body, their steps faulted when they saw the amount of blood surrounding me. I knew what they were thinking and wanted to scream, “I AM NOT DEAD! HELP ME!” This out of body experience had to end, I have to live. So I lay down, ending it, and I knew instantly that I was still alive because when my mind connected with my body, because out of my mouth came a blood curtailing scream of pain.
There were many footsteps around me, everything was a blur, and the world was spinning. The last thing I saw was those red and blue flashing lights. And then there was nothing, nothing at all, except my ragged breath and my fight against the blackness. My will to live had to be stronger than the shroud of death and pain that kept enveloping me, trying to take me away from the world that I knew and wanted to continue on in. I could not, would not the shroud win the battle.
The buzz of the lights, the beeping of machines, and footsteps awoke me. The footsteps, I saw, belonged to my boyfriend. He was going back and forth, back and forth across the small white room. Then he turned walked and sat down in the chair next to my bed with a huff and put his hand into mine. I studied his face and was shocked to realize the number of lines on his face was so many more than I could ever remember, he looked as if he had aged ten years overnight, and gruff, it looked as if he hadn’t shaved in a week. There was such a grimace on his face that it looked as if he would never smile again, his despair spread over me, so I squeezed his hand hoping to make him feel better. His head whipped toward my face and a look of shock then delight spread over his face when he saw I was awake.
“NURSE, NUSRE! SHE’S AWAKE!” he yelled as he ran to the door, then came back and sat down on the hospital bed as a nurse came in.
The nurse said as she came into the room, “Hello, Miss Abbot, it is good to see you awake. Please don’t try to talk at the moment you have tube down your throat,” she told me as she check the machines, “I will get the doctor in to see you as soon as possible to explain what happened.”
5 minutes later the doctor came in and said “Miss Abbot, it is good to see you awake. You have been in a coma for almost three months, now.” He told me in response to me questioning look. “Do you remember the accident, Miss Abbot?” I nodded yes,”Ok, well during the accident you were thrown thirty feet from the car. During you transit your heart stopped beating and the EMTs tried unsuccessfully to revive you, and upon your arrival here you were declared dead for a minute and thirteen seconds, when your heart started to beat of its own accord. You had lost over three-fourths of your total blood volume. We found that you had over 20 fractured bones, which were both of your: Humorous, Radius, Ulna, Carpals, Femurs, Tibia, Fibula, Clavicles, Ilium, and several broken phalanges, and there were several fractures in your spine. Many of the bones in your extremities had pierced though the skin, and the risk of infection was high, you went immediately into surgery to