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It's a simple fact that technology is always advancing. If you compare the technology of the year 2000 to that of today you can see how much has changed. Behind all these changes are careers that are developing just as rapidly. While the total employment is projected to grow by 14.3 percent over the next decade creating roughly 21 million new jobs, most technology related careers involving a higher level of education are well above the average percentage. (you need to expand at least another paragraph about growth and that damn chart lol)
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Computer and Information Systems Managers are projected to have an 18.1% growth, creating more than 55,000 jobs by 2020. This career is a very important one as they are the top of the chain when it comes to IT professionals. Computer and Information Systems Managers could be in charge of assigning work to a broad range of IT personnel from programmers to system analysts and software engineers. Knowing this, to be successful in such career it demands no less than a masters degree because many of the personnel under such position have no less than a four year degree themselves. While they are not doing the 'grunt work' themselves, someone with this position would be in charge of the planning and coordination involved in projects. Their job includes analyzing and determining needs and implementing change when required with anything from personnel to equipment. This is not the only career with a large growth.
Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects are projected to see a 21.7% increase in jobs by 2020. Information Security Analysts positions are rapidly growing because the more we depend on the ease of technology, the more vulnerable we are making our information. Daily new malware is being created and new vulnerabilities being exposed to compromise the integrity of information. Currently, any company dealing with technology from as small as a new business with a bright idea to credit card companies to government classified material needs an information security analyst. Millions of cyber attacks happen daily and it is of upmost importance for information to be protected.
Web developers on the other hand are responsible for all aspects of a website. This goes beyond just the initial creation and programming of a website, they can have a multitude of duties from the initial programming of the website, to designing and maintaining the page. This includes having a broad knowledge in programming languages, especially web based ones such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. A web developer should also be versed in graphic design. While these duties are usually short term in the creation of a website, maintenance is also required in the upkeep of a website. From time to time links may become broken or graphics removed from a server and the website must be updated, as well as applying updates for a changing company.
All of these careers could benefit from certifications. While a masters degree shows you have studied and learned a subject, a certification is additional proof that you have mastered a finer and more specific point. With any of these careers, there are specific tools or practices