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IT Consultation







Windows 7 is a series of operating system is the current release of the Microsoft Windows produced by the Microsoft for use on the personal computers including business desktops. Windows 7 is compatible with many applications and hardware with which its predecessor Windows Vista was already compatible with. Windows 7 includes a lot of features which include in touch and handwriting recognition that support virtual hard disks for performance improvement on multi-core processors which Mr. Green already has. With these feature Mr. Green can be able to run his business more efficient and effective with little labor force (Ahdieh, 2004).

IT Consultation

Windows 7 has an improved boot performance with direct access and kernel improved to support the systems with multiple heterogeneous graphic cards for better performance (Brenner, 2010). It is designed with a calculator which has multiple functions that can enable Mr. Green to be more accurate in the accounting functions of the business. The Windows 7 blog has the tracing tools that can be used to ensure the performance in many areas on the operating system and help to locate inefficient code path and control performance regressions that might occur on the process (Armstrong, 2002). The windows 7 ultimate has higher resolution with high settings that will enable Mr. Green to perform multiple tasks at the same time. With the high resolution he is able to serve several customers within a very short time and this will enable his customer remain satisfied and maintained in his business. Windows 7 Ultimate is able to have shortcuts on my desktop that makes it easy to switch back and forth when serving the customers. With the kind of memory, speed and hard disk space customer reference on the records stored in the computer is very fast and efficient.

For Mr. Green to install Windows 7 Ultimate by use of Excel Microsoft product that carries its productivity spreadsheet has to Google the doc online to share the spreadsheet. The open source products will replace the Excel and the calc. The spreadsheet functionality provides with a set of scientific and statistical functions, charts and pivot tables that will be very useful for Mr. Green’s business. The spreadsheet provides tables that will enable him to monitor the movement and trend of his business activities. The Microsoft Visio which is a great application which allows Mr. Green to move from complicated texts and tables which are difficult to understand to simple diagrams with information that can be communicated at glance. Because this software is not an open source Dia provides tools that are easy for transition when working in a fast growing business like Mr. Green’s.

Apart from the migration from Microsoft Visio to Dia Mr. Green also can install OpenOffice Writer that is similar to Microsoft Word but with a variety range of features used across several platforms including Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Microsoft Windows. Writers have the ability of exporting Portable Document Format (PDF) files without any additional operating software and can also be used to create and edit web pages. Another strategy is installing Scilab from MathWorks Matlab. Scilab is an open source that