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How easy is it to Defraud Disability?
Vianca Vidal
Everest University
Having a physical disability can be very difficult to deal with, but imagine that you can’t walk without any assistant like using a cane or being in pain every day. I have been dealing with this for the past nine years. A physical disability can be short term or long term. Some people are born with this or some like me was caused by injury. There are people who may approve over time and there are people like me who don’t. In my case I am being treated by medication because the doctor can’t find anything wrong with me. It has been a huge challenge for me because it hard being in pain very day and working. It is also hard looking for a job because most employers won’t hire you because of the cane. I have notice that it is harder to defraud disability when you have a physical disability but when you have a mental disability it is easier to defraud them.
Many people will commit their self to a Mental Hospital has many time they can so they can make self-look more crazy then they are. They will also tell their Psychiatrist or Psychologist that they have all these problems and they fake their mental health examinations to seem that they need more help or to get more medicine so that the disability will approve them. I know couple of people who have disability that really don’t need because they are not has crazy has the make their self-seem. I have one friend in particular that keep committing his self into a mental hospital and does thing so that people can believe that they are crazy. But when I apply for physical disability I don’t get because they believe and that can still work, but when I try to find a job they won’t hire me because of my cane even though they don’t say it.

Physical Disabilities
There are many steps in finding out if you have a physical disability. These steps are: are you working, is your condition severs, is your condition found in the list of disabling conditions, can you do the work you did previously and can you do other type of work.
The first steps they ask you are you working? If you are working and making $1,070 a month you generally can’t be considered disabled. Now if you are not working then you would go to the next step (Disability Planner, n.d). The second step is how sever your condition is? If your condition interferes with your basic work-related activities for you claim to be considered. If it doesn’t interfere then we will find that you are not disabled. Now if you condition does interfere with basic work related activities you can go the next step (Disability Planner, n.d). The third step is your condition found in the list of disabling conditions? On the disability website there is a list of medical conditions that are every severe that they automatically mean that you are disabled. Now if your condition is not on the list they have to decide if it could be equal severity to a medical condition that is on the list. If it is on the list then they will find that you are disabled. If it is not on the list then you can go head and go to step four.
The fourth step is can you do the work that you previously did? If your condition is severe and on the list then they will determine if the interferes with you ability to do the work you previously did. Now with in these step they have many questions like: What work activities can I do if I have a medical condition? How do you decide whether I can do my past work? What information do you need about my past work?, What happens if you do not get the information you need?, What happens if you find I am able to do my past work, but I cannot get a job doing that work?

What work activities can I do if I have a medical condition?
If you have any medical conditions that can affect your ability to work and it’s not as severe as any of the impartment in the listing of impairments, we assess your “residual functional capacity”. What this means is that we