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Should Our Schools Know Our Location?
Jonathan Condor

Schools are trying to embedded tracker devices (chips) in the students I.D cards. They feel that this would help the school and kids in their academic standards. This act doesn't only help schools because there are both positive and negative propositions toward the students. This leads to a debatable topic because not everybody feels the same about this topic and have different opinions. There are many ways we can say these chips are helpful toward the school, like saying that it helps the kids attendance. With this tracking chips kids will not be encouraged to cut class during school hours. This will not only help the students since they are attending class and learning more, but it also helps the schools in raising there funds they get from the district. Another reason why these chips are so helpful can be that in case of any emergency the staff can locate the students very fast. For example if a mom is running late to an appointment and the school can't find the kids in their designated class they will just track them down with the tracker chip. This helps both the parents and school faculty because the parent would not be late for the occasion and it helps the school faculty because they won't have to be in search of the student throughout the entire school. One last way this tracker can help the schools is by resolving problems happening between students, For example if two students got into a fight and one student tells they can see if the witness was at the place of the fight. This will allow the students to walk around the school safely without many problems happening between themselves.
There are also negative effects on these trackers helping the school mostly affecting the students. One way that the tracker is negative is how a "hacker" can hack into the system and could follow one of these students steps. If this happened it will jeopardize the students life and well being because of the stalker. Another negative effect this tracker can have toward the students can be that it messes with their civil rights. This means that the kids won't be free and the tracking devices invades their privacy which cannot happen in a free country. One last negative effect that the tracking devices can have toward the students are that the students can easily outsmart the tracker system. For example if a kid wants to cut class a day he can…