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Q: Identify what you consider to be the five (5) mayor, IT-related, problems the company has – be specific!
1. Nearly impossible to get information in Brazil and Singapore facilities that will require additional finish work once the product reaches to states.
2. The operation in India is complicated by the number of outsourced services that we employ to supplement and complement our in-house capabilities. The legacy system that used in India is also a barrier to manage the supply chain and logistic activities efficiently. And move to SAP system is slowed by product’s inability to address the unique compliance requirements imposed by the Indian government as well as by the different business and manufacture processes already in place here.
3. Everything in Brazil takes a little longer to accomplish. They cannot get what they need form corporate in turns of production line and delivery requirement by using SAP system.
4. Coordination between India and Singapore production facilities is a challenge. Our systems are not compatible with one another and it is therefore hard to get timely data and where we
5. New design takes too long to be integrated into manufacture process. And there is no feedback system between Europe and Boston
6. US and Europe VP of sales can’t load the data they need.
7. Canada seems to be orphaned when it comes to information systems that provide order statues, inventory, and so forth.
8. Lack of integration of IT systems. SAP (M&D) and…