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IT Project Implementation Failures
Brissa Padilla Torres
February 2, 2015
Carl Moore
IT Project Implementation Failures
Healthcare IT projects are complicated and expensive for any organization. Many factors depend on the decisions made early in the process. These projects entail management of numerous, synchronized methods such as human and financial resources and innovative technologies. All stages of the process must be carefully harmonized and supervised to accomplish the anticipated result and not a waste of time, funds, and effort.
Implementation Process
A typical IT implementation process is a strategy-making process, this process includes Organize the implementation team and identify a system champion, Determine project scope and expectations, Establish and institute a project plan (Wager, Lee & Glaser, 2009).
Roles and Responsibilities
The functions and responsibilities involved in a system implementation process consist of a few phases. The first step is to establish an implementation team. The implementation team will have a plan for the implementation process, will budget and coordinate the system implementation as well as manage all features of the application. Step two is to define the scope and anticipations of the implementation process. This process will steer the implementation team to look at the complete strategic goals of the organization. Keeping the objectives of the organization in mind will provide the team with a direction they want to go with the new system. The last stage is to establish a project plan. The project plan is used to guide the organization in the direction that it was intended to go. This document will help execute the initial goals of the organization.
Failed Fundamental Activities
In the case study Memorial health system CPOE Implementation the primary activities that were not met, the first phase of implementation was not covered in their planning. All the stakeholders did not share the vision of the organization. There was no implementation team, and staff was worried about the CPOE systems would replace verbal orders, and computer entered orders. These issues should have been resolved rather than moving forward with a plan that was not accepted by everyone. The leadership of the CPEO project was deceitful and not truthful, as a result leading the team into a situation that was out of their control.
Indicators of Project Failure
There were several signs of project failure in the Memorial Health System CPOE Implementation. These consist of; lack of clarity purpose, lack of believing in the system, failure to respect uncertainty, invisible progress, and insufficient leadership support.
Each of these indicators has a large effect on the outcome of the Memorial Health System. Lack of clarity purpose was seen in the case study; during the proposal of the CPOE the project there was still controversial from some of the stakeholders. Lack of believe in the system or was shown by many of the physicians, they were unable to see the direction that Fred Dryer was…