It Is Every Military Kid Essay

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It seems that every military kid’s worst nightmare is to hear their parents say they are moving. To even ponder the thought of leaving behind all that you have become comfortable with can be painful. After a family moves to a new place, adapting to new surroundings is what I find to be most difficult. Looking back on some of my moves as a kid, I found it very hard to meet new people and branch out. I had just made good friends at the place I was living and before I knew it I was saying goodbye once more. There came a time where I lost hope and did not want to make myself vulnerable to others because I would just have to say goodbye again. I can speak for my parents when I say that of all my siblings, change was most difficult on me. My mom always tried to put a positive spin on my reaction to moving, saying that how sad we were reflected how much we had come to love our home, regardless of how temporary it was. But what we truly came to love were the people. Each time we moved, I think one thing that made it difficult for me was not just the thought of leaving my friends, but also knowing it was hard on my whole family. Moving was not easy for them either. My dad had to leave behind all of his work colleagues that he became so acquainted with and my mom had to say goodbye to her wives club and book club friends. Where friends are the most important thing to a kid, they may be the least of the worries to an adult. I can remember my parents worrying about finding a house while dealing with a new language and currency, as well. The amount of stress put