Essay on It Is Said That Many Companies Are over Managed and Under Led. Define Leadership and Explain What the Path-Goal Theory of Leadership Is. Identify the Four Leadership Styles of Path-Goal Theory and Explain When They Are Most Appropriately Used.

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In this era of socialism, most people do not like to be over-controlled and over- managed. They tend to have higher free will and thinking, work and etc. Leaders will have different leadership styles to manage and lead their employees which are identified by the path–goal theory of leadership. This is why the attitude and the behavior of a leader will influence his/her subordinates on achieving their goals and objectives.
Leadership is mostly defined as a process of leading or influencing a group of people or an organization to achieve their goals. According to Yukl, ‘it is obvious that a person can be a leader without becoming a manager, and a person can be a manager without leading’. In my opinion, a leader has long-term of view which
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Supportive leadership is based on consideration of the leadership behaviour. It is a type of leadership which is friendly and approachable. This type of leader is suitable when his/her employees are lack of self-confidence. In this situation, leader will treat his/her employees like their friends by reducing their stress and frustration in the work place, treating them as equals and creating a friendly climate. According to Flahiff, with this type of leadership style, it may improve the performance and confidence of the employees, and improve the relationship and trust between leader and employees. An example of supportive leadership is in the research from Limsila & Ogunlana. They found that the leadership styles of Hong Kong Chinese construction manager incline to use supportive style to lead his/her construction workers. This is because the manager of the construction needs to be friendly, approachable and able to understand their subordinates’ personalities and requirements in order to increase the workers confidence to fulfil the high task and goal.
Participative leadership is also based on the consideration of the leadership behaviour. It is a leadership style which the leader will refer to his/her employee’s suggestions and input before making decisions. This type of leader is suitable when there is an improper process and is in poor decision making. To manage this situation, leader will make decisions, share ideas and discuss problems together with their