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Technology had made many advances in the world. One of the areas of impact is in the field of education. If technology is used in the right ways, it can enhance a student's learning. Technology offers many forms of media that combine text, audio, visual, graphic and self-motivated elements. These multiple forms of media present knowledge in several different ways, such as the, opportunity for deeper levels of understanding.
Mobile phones
Nowadays, mobile phone is one of the most essential things of people. It takes much convince for people. The technology of mobile phone is increasing rapidly every day.Initially mobile phones were large in size and had long antennas similar to today’s cordless phone. Mobile phones became more refined with shortened antennas and upgraded features and models. Thereafter, with the introduction of internal antennas, they became more sophisticated and occupied less space. Most phones then had basic functionalities such as text messaging, calculator, games, phone book. However that’s all changed now as phones are able to carry out more complex tasks and more advanced tasks. The new phones are able to take high definition images which lead to easy access to great quality pictures ready to be edited. Pictures can be edited with many applications which also made picture editing more advanced and are often used by organisations to their advantage. Mobile phone keeps improving such as the ‘smart phones’ which are on the increase.
E-book readers.
An eBook is an electronic book. These books are called electronic because they are files that you access on your computer. Like a normal paper book they have cover art, an author, editor, illustrator, publisher and story. E-book has taken reading to the next level offering more than 1000 different books which can be installed on the e book. When eBook was first introduced it was difficult to read as the graphical quality of the screen was poor which led many to give up on the device however over the years the companies have developed the screening and it picked up sales again.
Developments in ink jet printers or plotters or laser.
The printing process has developed at an astounding pace over the last 30 years. A printer is an electromechanical device which converts the text and graphical documents from electronic form to the physical form. Generally they are the external peripheral devices which are connected with the computers or laptops through a cable or wirelessly to receive input data and print them on the papers. A wide range of