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Using Peer Evaluations;
I have created a PowerPoint presentation which was about setting up a system with hardware and software that meets a defined client’s need, my target audience was; People who have recently arrived in this country with limited English. My peers gave a reasonable detailed evaluation on how I did throughout my presentation and what were the positives and negatives about my presentation. Looking at my evaluations from my peers I could observe that they have put similar details on my presentation quoting ‘there was a good variety of animations, which engaged the audience’.
Comments on Language and Tone
The feedback that I got from my peers were positive and also followed generally used by the same them:
‘Tone was good, kept a happy tone’
‘Adds humours to make it more interesting’
Throughout my presentation I gave a good range of terminology where I needed it and also my language and tone was sufficient so my target audience could understand me and follow me through when doing my presentation. I kept the vocabulary to a good standard for my target audience so they could read the information about each topic; however I targeted my presentation to people with limited English
I did not use notes in my pitch like I planned because I decided it would look unprofessional. Because I did not use notes I was more confident because I didn't have anything to hide behind so I projected more to the audience. I did notice a bad thing about my pitch which was