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Deniel Walker
January 17, 2013
Information Technology When it comes to technology in the nursing field, information technology comes to mind. The article I read talked about how ten years ago this job was almost unheard of. This is a profession that is growing and will be in need of more and more nurses as more electronic health records accumulate. There are more companies and organizations who are switching over from paper records to electronic records. IT nurses were once upon a time not highly thought of, but now they are thought as the ones who set up different systems to enhance the work pattern of nurses and improve patient safety and access. The top three job responsibilities of an IT Nurse are systems implementation, systems development, and liason, which all three have been number one since 2004. The quality of this information was good. The person who wrote this article gave references in the text. Doing this gives the reader confidence in the article and make the reader trust that everything is true. The information given was in a broad perspective. There were only a few things that were specific, for example the article stated how important IT Nurses are needed more than they were ten years ago. The article also gave the top job responsibilities of an IT Nurse which was very helpful as well.
Now the information that this article gave was informational, but did not give me as much information as I would have liked. This…