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Project Management Excelsior College "Exercise 5" Andrew Carter Instructor: Arend Clayborn 08/04/13

Exercise 5 of Chapter 11: The first Project I examined was a failure by the FBI to implement a new computer system. The project is two years behind and 100 million over budget. The original budget was to implement a new system over the outdated system for 450 million. The system that was supposed to be implemented was to be called the Sentinel system. This is not the first time the FBI have failed at a IT project, in 2005 there was another aborted attempt at updating the system that cost 170 million in taxpayer money. Years have been wasted and so have a lot of money and the blame in my opinion have to go to poor management. Two years off schedule can only be attributed to little or no planning in the project. I think that it was not luck that influenced this project. I think that because of the magnitude of the project the planning process was much underdone. I think that maybe if the project was split up into pieces instead of the FBI wide project then there may have been more of a success. A success story in an IT project is the Memphis PD implementing blue CRUSH. Blue CRUSH is predictive analysis software to improve overall operations. In a time where the Memphis PD was facing an upturn in crime and a downturn in funding the project to implement the blue crush system was on a tight budget. However due to proper planning and the leadership in the project the system was introduces on time, under budget, and without any faults. There has been a 30%