It Starts in the Home! Essay

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It Starts In the Home!”

In our community, teaching your children about sex is like cussing in church. The conversation about sex between parents and their teen children is frowned upon in most communities, because it breaks the “mold”. Parents should teach their teen children about sex and the affects of sex. If parents would educate their teen children about sex there would be a decrease in unwanted children/abortions, sexually transmitted diseases (Anderson 107-109), and some of the sexual assault case in our state ( Parent should educate their teen children in sex and stop allowing their peers, or the schools take all the responsibility for this part of their life.
Talking about sex could reduce unwanted children/abortions rates in our state. If teen girls felt as if they could go to their parents and be open, then it would cut down on teens running to the clinic to have an abortion (Ezzard, Nancy V., et al., 809). Parents need to step up and teach their teen boys about sex and the affects so the state would have far less mother and babies to take care of because the father was scared of being called “lame” for using a condom (Anderson 107-109). Also parents should teach their teen children if they are having sex or thinking about having sex and what steps they should take to protect themselves. Let them know to use condoms or birth control, so that they will lessen their chance of an unwanted pregnancy.
Another reason parents…