IT Unit 11 Task 3 Essay

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Task 3
[P4] {Section 2 Theory} Due in: Tuesday 6 March 2012
Using the investigation materials provided, carry out and document a structured analysis of the current (As-Is) customer service system used at Willis’.
You are asked to provide DFDs, inputs, outputs and processes.
TIP: Decide on the structure of your report. Read the material provided a number of times and highlight information that is relevant (e.g. a constraint, a process, an output, an input, etc.) For each one decide which section in the report it will be relevant to. Once you feel that you have extracted as much information as possible then write your final report using your notes. You cannot ‘invent’ new material, but you might want to state assumptions.


There are many inputs to the customer service system used at Willis. One of the main inputs of the customer service system is finding out customer information. One of the jobs in this procedure is to find out the customers personal details such as their address, name and their phone number.

Then another input to the system is the date. The person who would currently be working on the service would note down the date to the service form.

Another thing that is inputted to the system is the product that has been brought. This can be anything.

Another input to the system is to say if the query has been passed on to another department and also what is the nature of the problem.

One of the outputs to the system is to be