Analysis Of Into The Wild

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“ It was something new-an awakening that fastened on the incredible shining blueness of the inside turned outside, the inner-most part ripped from its place and spilled into the light where it did not belong. Gazing, before it in the sunlight, I felt, perhaps for the first time an absolute aloneness. And :I who loved solitude, knew that this was death, the loneliest solitude of all.” Death is a Meadowlark pg. 119 I believe this quote represents the way the personal way the author felt about death. When he walked into the wilderness and saw the animal laying on the ground he saw that it had died a terrible and gruesome death. Not only that but he realized that death is the loneliest solitude of all. I agree with the author as it is the ultimate end to life itself and nobody can be there for someone when they die.

I believe the essay from which the quote comes from is related to Into the Wild because the author knows how the fear of death can grip you in it's claws. The Author of Into the Wild describes that he has felt “stiff with fear” and commented on that “ the idea of my own death was still largely outside of my conceptual grasp .” sitkine

“There was something grand and barbaric in that essential repeated act. To stand there in the snow and cold air toward the end of the year, with a long hook poised above the ice-filled river, was to fell oneself part of something so old that its origin was lost in the sundown of many winters . . .” Ice pg 128

In this key quote the author describes his experience when he is fishing for salmon at the river during the end of the year. He says that it is like a “ barbaric” and “grand” tradition and that repeated act. In my opinion I believe gave him a sense of power and dominance over the species of fish.

I believe this chapter relates to the book Into the Wild because it too explains the harshness that comes from the ice and snow of the Alaskan landscape. It comments that it is “ not the best site in the world for eremitic experience.” and it is not a place for people who try to live “ill-considered Jack London fantasies” pg 73 pg 4

“A drowsy, half- wakeful menace waits for us in the quietness of this world. I have felt it near me while kneeling in the snow minding a trap on a ridge many miles from home. There, in the cold that gripped my face, in the low, blue light failing around me,. . . I was suddenly aware of something that did not care if I lived.” Lost pg 95

In this quote the author expresses his fear of being alone in the winter snow. He compares his fears to that of a menace who waits in the shadows awaiting to strike his victim down. He realizes that the cold winter is unforgiving to all who attempt to live there.

I believe that this chapter relates to Into the Wild because many characters like Chris McCandless felt like they were lost in this world. The author believed that Chris was different from most people that he was like “ a pilgrim perhaps” who was always willing to venture into the unknown and would in fact enjoy being “ the master of his own destiny” pg 23 pg 85

“The subject has its own fascination and to one attracted life in the woods this knowledge seems essential and good, something handed down, useful and binding in time. The world may fail us, the markets crash, and the traffic stand still. But with a good axe in hand, a gun, a net , a few traps-life will go on in the old upstanding ways.” pg 85

In this quote the author expresses his gratitude about his traps and snares. He believes that traps are an essential key part to keep life in it's old yet rich way of life. I believe that this old way of life can be better because it teaches one to enjoy the small things in life.

This quote relates to this because to Into the Wild because they both show that you have to appreciate the small things in life. Christopher Mccandless use to always preach about wealth being a “ shameful, corrupting, inherently evil.” A famous Author also says that “ Rather