Essay on It Would Have All Been Different

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It would have all been different

It would have all been different if only you had been raised to respect women. If only your father would have showed you affection, put down his bottle of alcohol and been a real man to his son. If the man I fell in love with would not have come from such a broken family and home, things would have been different. If your father never hit on you, given you sips of beer as a child and never been in the picture at all in your life then maybe you would be a little more normal under all your masks.
It would have all been different if you only could see how much potential you have inside yourself. You never explore any possibilities outside of your everyday normal of low self esteem and drinking until you pass out and forget your own misery and life. If I would have listened to all the warning alarms in my own conscience during our little piece of history together, I would not be here feeling so empty inside concerning any future relationships. If time would not of aligned up so bittersweet and perfectly for us to meet so unusually, leaving us both to question fate and a higher power at work…things would of all been different.
I question the reasoning behind your every move, every word spoken, and every nice gesture given. One lie can hide a thousand truths and I have no ability to see beyond the obstacle that laid itself in my path of happiness and in your bed. She is simple, plain and uneducated. I know she does not push you to do better…