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LAN Topology Design and Cabling Specifications for
ABC Widgets Network Design
Computer Networking, IT230

February 28, 2010

Executive Summary
The network design will be star topologies for all locations. Windows servers are located at one location in Pennsylvania, additional Windows servers are located in SLC and Europe. Connections between sites are utilized with Remote Desktop directly to various servers.
VPN remote access servers will support the company Sales Department and internal employee’s while traveling. The intranet assists all employees internally and externally. Each location includes desktop and laptop computers for each employee and/or temporary contracted employee connected via star topologies. Networked copiers, color printers, high speed black and white printers, and fax machines located by department. In addition, each floor will have 2 walk-up stations for scanning and additional software for handling images and other higher level programs that are only needed once in a while.
Each location will utilize a T1 connection through an ISP for a broadband connection to the internet. In addition, each location will also provide a Secure Wireless for employee mobility within the building for meetings and a password protected Guest Wireless access for vendors who are invited to visit the company. The VPN servers use client software that will also be installed on each user system. The user connection with VPN server uses secure tunneling protocols and provides a direct connection to internal network resources.
The core business applications to be used will be Microsoft Office Professional including Outlook, outsourced accounting for payroll and travel. Oracle database servers will store critical data being used for various departments. Documentum software will be used for FDA document storage by records management.
Back up and Recovery will be handled using a remote online backup service for offsite protection with a formalized plan for recovery solutions locally.
The company will employ a network and internet security officer and Technology Architecture manager for all software deployments. The user security levels of access will be based on need.
Cabling Specifications
The corporate headquarters currently includes three floors of various offices, cubicles, network printers, and walk-up scanner stations. The employee count is at least 400 and is growing every day. Each office and cubicle requires a port for network connection. The network printer rooms require multiple ports for the copiers, color printers, black & white printers and the walk-up scanners. In addition, every conference room requires an internal network port configured. Several conference rooms are equipped with live video conference capabilities.
Each location in Pennsylvania will follow the same protocol including Aegon Building, in Frazer and all five of the West Chester Offices. Salt Lake City had an existing network when the building was purchased. The existing network needs to adhere to the same protocol as well so we may ensure the integrity of the network, data and security with any additional upgrades installed as deemed necessary to bring this facility up to the same set of standards set forth within this plan.
The building also provides wireless access connections for internal and external users. All non-company computers are to use the guest wireless connection. All company laptops are configured with a wireless NIC (Network Interface Card) and will automatically connect to the secure wireless when removed from the docking station for use in meetings. All desktop computers will be equipped with a NIC as well and connected by Cat 5 Ethernet cable from the port to the users’ system as shown in Figure 1.
One of the most important components to consider in network design are the cables. Today, most LAN cabling is based on Fast Ethernet technology. Fast Ethernet is Ethernet that has been upgraded from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps, and