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Unit 3 Assigment: Football Stats
Todd Lewis
Kaplan University Online
It 302 Human Computer Interaction
Professor David Lecomte
August 17, 2014

Assignment Template
Unit 3

Football Season Stats
Todd Lewis

Part1 : Project Definition

The idea of the project is to create a Post Week stat calculator based on the previous weeks of a players stats in the NFL. Meaning that it keeps track of stats based on position and player information. To give a better idea the project will break down QBs by completions, Ints, Touchdowns, Incompletes, yards per game, per throw and season totals. For a RB you would have yards per carry, per game, season. WRs would have catchs, drops, yards after the catch, TDs and season stats. On the Defense you would have Ints, Sacks, Tackles for loss, forced fumbles. Each position would have trade mark stats and have a season total to sort and rank so that a user could follow the leaders throughout the season. Also you would be able to break down series but 1rst down, 2nd short, 2nd and long. Maybe 3rd and short, or 3rd and long. This would allow you to see if a player was stronger on 3rd down when the offense doesn’t have far to go. Over all this would give you player stats and achievements for the season.

Part 2: Requirements Collection

The following questions to be asked of potential users are formulated to assist in collecting requirements:

Would you rather have the information provided in a chart or with colums to compare players?
Would you like a section dedicated to Fantasy football added to the project?
Do you think you would use this on a Tablet, PC, pr Mobile device most often?
What format would you like the information listed under (team, rank, name, position exc)?
How do you feel about a Weekly match up section based on compared teams and the players they have?

Part 3: Requirements Document

Functional requirements

For this dashboard the fuctional idea is that you will be able to sort player stats and rankings by name, position, team, and individual stats each week to see where your favorite player or rival player ranks. It will show how they are progressing each week compared to others in the league. Finally it will allow you to compare players to see how they match up week to week.

Information requirements

The information that will be needed is the players names, the teams they play for. Also the position they play and a list of stats that will be monitored. Of course all stats can not be compared because Lineman to not throw the ball. Depending on position things like Yards per game, or completed pass percentage will be needed. Meaning the number of passes thrown compared to those caught. Each position breaks down and compares to other players within the set guidelines.
Other information would be team schedule as well as player injuries and games played. A break down of not only games from previous weeks but compared results of games upcoming. The information will be calculated to give users forcasted results based on an