History Of Sojourners In Canada

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The Origins: Questions for Essay and Presentations TOSKA:
When did the members start arriving in Canada?

Although Italians have prominently been part in the history of Canada as far back as the 15 century, there were still relatively few Italians in Canada. Those who did come during this time were more like “sojourners” rather than settlers.

The Earliest Italian Contact before steady migration
1497: Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot), an Italian navigator from Venice, explored and claimed the coasts of Newfoundland for England.
1524: Giovanni Verrazzano, explored part of Atlantic Canada for France.
1640: Under the French regime, Francesco Giuseppe Bressani was part of the Jesuit missionary advance into Huron country.
1682: Enrico di Tonti (Henri de Tonty) acted as René-Robert Cavelier de La Salle's lieutenant in the first expedition to reach the mouth of the Mississippi River.
1812: During the War of 1812, between Britain and the United States, several hundred
Italians also served with the de Meurons and de Watteville Swiss mercenary regiments in the British army. Following the example of Italian ex-soldiers in New France, some
200 of the mercenaries took up lots granted by Britain in the eastern townships of
Québec and in southern Ontario.
1842: Giovanni Pietro Antonio (John Nobili), a Roman Catholic priest, Jesuit and missionary, arrived at Fort Alexandria and continued his missionary voyages in Okanagan Valley, BC.


Italian Canadians are amongst the earliest Europeans to have visited and settled the country. ●

The steadiest waves of immigration occurred in the 19th and 20th centuries.

PPT SLIDE: It was not until 1880s, when work began on the Canadian Pacific Railway, that small settlements of Italians began to develop. The settlements were accompanied by a good deal of transitory migration, both from Italy and from the United States. Canada did not feature strongly as a destination until after WWII. More Italians migrated from the United States than directly from Italy: 773, 692 US migrants VS 12, 28 Italian migrants TOSKA:
Was there any particular social group, profession, class or region of origin in the old country? PPT SLIDE: A major problem concerning the discussion of origins of immigrants is generalization. Many of the studies made in various parts of Italy do not specifically refer to those regions or provinces from which Canada received its immigrants.
Italians in Canada predominantly came from the South and from the poorer regions of the North.
The only things they had in common were a low standard of living and the fact that relatively few came from places which were actively engaged in agriculture.

Where did they land in Canada and why? POWERPOINT SLIDES:
During the early 1812s, the first Italians came to Canada, when the Great War was happening. The first Wave came around 1900 and 1913 "60,000 Italians came to Canada”. Ontario and Quebec jobs in labour workers and worked seasonal times. The First Wave, and landing.
During 1812, Italians came to Canada when the great War was happening in Europe (A Scattering Seeds,The creation of Canada,2015) . But, the big wave came around the time of 1900 and 1913, "60,000 Italians came to
Canada” (A Scattering Seeds,The creation of Canada,2015) . Italians mainly Labour workers and worked seasonal times. Majority of these immigrants were young males most from America they were attracted by the laurtive groups. For example. “Canadian Pacific Railway, The Canadian National Railway, Dominion Coal”, (A Scattering
Seeds,The creation of Canada,2015). However, most Italian Canadians were lead to be in labour camps in which

(labour agents) in Montréal were in league with railway and