Essay on Italian Masculine Given Names and Michele

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I am not scared
1 Michele takes the forfeit for Babara
2 Michele has to walk through the falling down house
3 Goes back to see Filippo again
4 Disobeys Papa and goes to see Filippo
5Michele goes to save Filippo and ends up getting shot by Papa
6 Mama takes on Pelice and fights him
Loyalty + Betrayed
1 Michele does not actually lie to his parents
2 He keeps his promise to Filippo – to see him again and does not betray him
3 Michele drops out of the race to assist Maria
4Mama is beautiful and draws the admiration of men –but she pays no attention she is loyal to papa
5Pino betrays his family and Michele .He is a kind hearted person , however , he becomes greedy “ by day he is good , by night he is bad
6 Salvatore- sold /betrayed Michele just for a driving lesson
7Michele brtrays Filippo’s trust by revealing the secret to Salvatore in exchange for a toy
1 Filippo says “ without you I am not going “ Michele says “don’t be stupid , I will be right behind you
2 Michele sends food to the hole for Filippo
3Michle doesn’t listen to his fathers , he went to the hole to see Filippe
4 Michele says to Filippo “your mother loves you and misses you “
5 “ he was my best friend “ ----this is what Michele thinks when he realises that Salvatore sold the secret for a driving lesson
6 Michele “ Filippo , its Michele , I have come back , I swear to you that I would (end of story )
7 Michele asks Filippo to run away
1 Michele’s father tells him “it’s man you should be afraid of , not monster , Papa is afraid that Michele will get hurt
2 The town’s people have an argument at night about what they are going to do to Filippo , Michele gets worried about Filippo
3When Michele lost to forfeit he had to go into the falling down house , he was scared of what might happen
4 when Maria falls down and hurts her leg and break her glasses . Michele is scared the Mama will be angry
5 When Filippo grabs Michele for the first time , Michele gets scared and runs away
6 Michele is scared the monsters . will kill Filippo so he gives him food and water
1 Pg109 Filippo “ they are all dead , they are all dead and live in holes ^^^” Filippo thinks his whole family has died and does not understand what has happened
2 pg84 “Papa was the boss of all Acqua Traverse “---Michele
Michele is unaware of what is really happing around him
3 Michele told the secret to Salvatore , this means he doent understand the importance of the hole or Felice’s connection to the kidnapping
4 At the beginning Michele saw the saucepan with red apples on it , he doent connect with the fact that is has come from his house
5p87 “And the old man was his servant . Mama wasn’t though”Michele –imagination shows his innocence
Superstition and monsters
1The kids suspect that Michele is evil “shoot you” , throw you to the pig^^^posion water”
2”Dead people’s bodies are all hard , remember that dead cat that you found ?”
3 ‘only Jesus Christ can bring you back to life and no one else ‘
4 Michele has nightmare about monsters
5 Michele believes in wicked witch , wrerwolves , bogeyman , lazarus , ogres , gypsied , the fishman and black cats
6 When Michle visits the hole , Filippo descuribes him as his guardian angels and also talk about the ‘lord of the worms “

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