Italian Restaurant Review Essay

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Authentic Italian cuisine is something many try, and fail to replicate. Cabattos does the best job of providing their customers with the full Italian experience. Not only is their restaurant a comfortable, romantic environment, their food is made completely from scratch and the staff treats you like part of their family. For starters, Cabattos embodies a very comfortable environment, although the restaurant is very rich and luxurious, it remains comfortable and has a very “at home” feeling. It is in an old house and decorated with many antiques such as paintings, mirrors, a stone fireplace, and an intricate wood staircase. Despite the overwhelmingly elegant appearance, the dim lighting, plush chairs, and warmth from the fire place create a relaxed mood. At Cabattos it is the small things such as having a coat rack on the wall, and the absence of a hostess stand that help customers feel comfortable. Italian people are very family oriented as most people know, and the setting at Cabattos represents this by being so welcoming and making everyone that walks through the door feel like they belong. Although Cabattos has a beautiful atmosphere, what really sets them apart from other restaurants is their homemade food. Cabattos puts very delicate care into their food and see their food every step of the way from making their pasta noodles from scratch, to the time is hits your plate. They excel at every dish with their homemade pasta sauce, tender meatballs, perfectly baked vegetables, and meat that just falls apart, it is clear their food is of outstanding quality. The menu is categorized for maximum comprehension by pasta, and strain of meat making it very easy to find something you would enjoy despite the confusing Italian names. Also, the menu includes elaborate descriptions of each dish down to the spices and types of cheese. There is a broad price range from around $20 for a main dish like chicken parmesan to $80 for a dish with veal or