Italy: Cooking and Lourdes Ortiz William Essay

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Lourdes Ortiz
William Ramsey
CUL 2216 A
21 October, 2014
Known for their exquisite food, gorgeous scenery, and buzzing nightlife, Italy, captivates the hearts of millions of tourist that flock to the different regions and islands. Chaotic and peaceful; ancient and modern Italy attracts over 47 million tourists a year. Italy is located in Southern Europe and the island has the shape of a boot. Protected from the North winds by the Apennine and Alp mountains. Due to its rugged, mountainous terrain the climate varies and experiences all four seasons. As well with active volcanoes surrounding the region from Vesuvius in Rome to Etna in Sicily, the land is fertile and growers reap the benefits of good crops, coastal vegetation and abundant marine life.
Moreover, the Italians evolved from Indo-Europeans and was ruled under Roman law until the Greeks came and colonized the region along the coast ( Italian cuisine was influenced by rich spices and herbs along with the many different types of cheeses avail. There was a point in Roman Era that the Renaissance was a pivotal point of cooking techniques and habits of cuisine. Many chefs were hired into the Vatican which their cooking was considered a high class and many chefs cooked for the Pope or individuals of high ranking authority. Spaghetti, roasted suckled pig, veal and lamb delicacies originated from this era.
On the same token, cuisine etiquette and customs are a daily practice of Italians, for example it is not polite to speak of business during breakfast or leave the table until everyone has finished eating. It is also seen as bad etiquette if one is drinking heavily without eating, and hands should always be above the table. Another example of good etiquette when eating spaghetti is go roll the spaghetti on your fork with a knife instead of just rolling it on the form itself.When greeting someone always use formal Mr. and Mrs. and