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Page 4, Egypt and social networking: Instantaneous communication
p. 8 the Digital Divide: Access to the internet
p. 14 a savvy user: A person who use the internet wisely
p. 16 IT: Information Technology
Data mining, computer forensics, and the summary on page 28: Looking for information patterns – data base. Check computer or cellphones.
p. 34 and the paragraph on Google: Really fast connection to the internet by fiber-optic.
p. 39 History of PC's: hardware, software, GUI, : physical parts of a computer, inside the computer, and graphical user info
Please do the Multiple Choice on page 49.
Chapter 2
4 functions of a computer: input, output, process, and storage
Data/information: Raw information (Numbers)/ something meaningful
Binary language: ceros and ones. Computer only reads 0 to 1
Byte, gigabyte, etc. P. 53: 8 bits is a bytes-megabytes are 10000- gigabyte is
App software, O/S: are programs like word excel or PowerPoint, o/s is the operating system like windows 7
Types of computers: Tablets-desktop-laptop-server ( main frame-super computers)
QWERTY: Key-board layout
Bluetooth: wireless personal area network
p. 62 - the box on ethics: respecting peoples space while using a computer and doing legit actions
Output devices: Printer- Monitor
Input devices: keyboard - mouse
Motherboard: all the circuit get connected to the motherboard
RAM: temporary memory
ROM: Permanent memory
NIC: Network Interface card component that connects a computer to a computer network
CPU = brains of the computer: The Intel chip inside of the computer that gives all the power
Ergonomics: understanding of interactions among humans in order to have a better experience with a computer
Box on page 81:
Summary on pages 84/85.:
Chapter 3
Internet Worldwide Web: network of networks – application to use (biggest network in the world)
Client Server: linked with an user
IP Address: the numbers the computers read and the transform to binary code
Blog: web log
Streaming audio and video
Online Games
Adobe-Flash-Shock Wave
Box on PG 109
Ecomers 110: buying and selling goods electronically
B2B: Business to business
B2C: Business to costumer
C2C: Costumer to costumer
SSL: Secure Sockets Layer Protocol
URL: uniform resource locator the address of the website
Credit not Debit: Never use the debit card when you do online transaction
HTTP: Protocol
Box on pg 114
Pg 121 plagiarism
Web: Tim Berners-Lee creator
Linux: open source operator system
Linux: Linus Torvalds creator System Software: Operation system (windows7), Utilities Program (defragmentation, antivirus)
Application Software: Word, Excel, Power Point
Cloud Computing: The Internet (place to store information)
Data center: Group of computers storing information
Pirating Software: Takes 5 billion $ dollars from legit companies