Itm 3060 Ch 10 Essay

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1. (B) An analysis of proposed system feasibility and a logical system design are part of which of the following SDLC phase? a. Construction phase b. Definition phase c. Implementation phase d. System-building phase

2. (B) The SDLC phase that typically requires the greatest percentage of total cost for a project is the _________ phase. a. definition b. construction c. implementation d. final

3. (B) A feasibility analysis includes which of the following components? a. System requirements document b. Scope or boundaries of the system c. Processes used to convert data d. All of the above.

4. (A) The ___________ approach to systems development has often been referred to as the "waterfall" model. a. SDLC b. prototyping c. RAD d. XP
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a. Nonprocedural languages b. Relational database management systems c. Both A. and B. d. Neither A. nor B.

17. (B) Which of the following steps of the prototyping approach is not the responsibility of the system builders? a. Develop initial prototype b. Use prototype and note desired changes c. Revise and enhance prototype d. Install, operate, and maintain

18. (B) Which of the following is not an advantage of prototyping? a. Only basic system requirements are needed at the front-end of the project. b. End-prototype typically has more security and control features than a system developed with an SDLC process. c. Strong top-down commitment may be less necessary at the outset of the project. d. User acceptance is likely to be higher than with a system developed using an SDLC process.

19. (D) Which of the following statements is (are) true of a pure prototyping approach? a. b. c. d. Allows firms to explore the use of newer technologies Documentation is typically less complete than with traditional systems development approaches Less security and control features than with traditional systems development approaches All of the above.

20. (C) Based on the major steps in a prototyping development methodology, which of the following most accurately represents these steps and the order in which they occur? a. Identify basic system requirement; develop initial prototype; evaluate as