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ITS 218 Help Desk Support
From: Wally Iwasaki , Henry Cogo, Michael Polido, Tyler Amaral
To: Marjorie Hale-Fishman
Date: 11/17/14
Re: Chapter 1: Check Your Understanding; Activities; and Study Guide due Sept 8, 2014
1) Activity 1-3
2) Activity 1-5
3) Activity 1-6
4) Activity 1-7

Activity 1-3

Identify software packages. Find a mail-order computer catalog (in your school or company’s computer room or library) or an Internet site that sells applications software packages like those described in this chapter. List the names of two or three representative packages for each of the following categories: electronic mail and messaging, Web browser, work processing, spreadsheets, database management, graphics, planning and scheduling, desktop publishing, Web site software, and educational and entertainment software. Include the price range for a typical package in each category.

Electronic Mail and Messaging
Microsoft Exchange
$3350 per 50 client access license

$5500-$14000 per server license
Web Browser
Microsoft Explorer
Bundled with Microsoft OS

Free download
Word Processing
Microsoft Word
$57-$170 single license

$30 single license
Microsoft Excel
$70 single license

$150 single license
Database Management
Microsoft Access
$90-$100 single license

SAP Crystal Reports
$530 single license
Adobe Photoshop
$80-$360 single license

Xara Designer
$70 single license
Planning and Scheduling
Microsoft Outlook
$90 single license

Fasttrack Schedule
$350 single license
Desktop publishing
Microsoft Publisher
$90 single license

Adobe InDesign
$150-$200 single license
Web Site Software
Microsoft Expression Studio
$150 single license

Adobe Dreamweaver
$200-$360 single license
Educational and Entertainment
Rosetta Stone Language
$200-$400 single license

Adobe Premiere Video Edit
$40-$800 single license

Activity 1-5

Evaluate total cost of ownership. A Houston, Texas consulting company, JDA Professional Services, provides an online worksheet for calculating the total cost ownership (TCO) of computer technology. Read about the factors the company thinks contribute to the TCO at its Web site ( Write a one-page report that describes how the factors JDA considers significant are different from those listed in the chapter.

Click the JDA’s Online TCO Worksheet link, and enter the data for the following scenario: An instructional computer lab manager wants to purchase 10 computers for a now lab at a cost of $1200 per machine. The cost of a network server, laser printer, and related hardware and software is expected to be $5000. The lab will require two part-time support staff, expected to cost $15,000 each. Use the Gartner Group’s recommended percentage for hidden costs (as detailed on the online worksheet). Answer the following questions:
1) What is the total cost of ownership per machine?
2) Is this a one-time cost or an annual cost?

Part A
When we look at JDA report, what we need to keep in mind is that this is basically an advertisement for their company. With that being said it is good, in a very general sort of way. But let us break it down in a more inclusive fashion. In JDA report they list 4 major points.
1) Capital cost
2) Labor and end-user operation
3) Non-Standard PC Configurations
4) Information and Applications Uniquely Tied to Specific Workstations
Were as in the text, we are given 9 points to consider and each point directly affects the other.
1) Resources End Users Need
2) Basic Hardware
3) Add-on Peripherals
4) Hardware Maintenance and Upgrades
5) Software and Software Upgrades
6) Supplies
7) Data and Information
8) Technical Support
9) Facilities, Administration, and Overhead
Let’s look at the first point from JDA, “Capital Costs: The initial purchase of hardware and software plus upgrades.” Well in order to