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It’s All In The Family

In the business world, making an ethical decision can be tough. The person responsible for making the decision not only has to be accountable for their actions but also for the effects their decision can have on other employees or stock holders in the company. The ethical decision-making process helps guide us in our decision-making process until we land at a decision we ourselves can morally live with and is ethically right for the majority involved. In the “It’s All In The Family” situation, I am faced with the knowledge of favoritism in the work place. The ethical issues involved with favoritism are that a work place should be a fair environment for all employees, meaning all employees should be given the chance to have the easier high-commission jobs based on skill at Wonky Widgets; they should not be given to one particular employee, I also do not have all the information in regards to why Greg gets all these jobs, the only fact I know is that Greg and Eddie are brothers, and I witnessed Greg receiving these work tickets behind closed doors. Within the company, there are many different personal who could be affected by my decision, such as the employees who are in the same division as Greg and who aren’t able to get the easy high-commission work. Brad, the owner of the business would also be affected by any decision I make, Brads’ business could be under scrutiny in all departments, and employees could lose their trust in his leadership. Eddie could potentially lose his job for favoring his brother and in turn cause Greg to lose his job; this would also make it difficult for the brothers to seek future employment with this bad reference. The available alternatives I could choose to make my decision from are, that I could simply choose to ignore the situation, turn a blind eye, or just continue with my job. This alternative allows me to keep my job for now, but in the long run, if it is found out that I knew Eddie was favoring Greg, I could potentially lose my job, or I could be at fault if the company’s reputation is destroyed due to unfair employment. This decision also doesn’t sit right with my moral compass being aware of the situation, I would feel like not using the information I have to stop the situation could be just as bad as what Greg and Eddie are doing. My job is important to me, but my morals and values play a large role in my decision- making process, and if I play it safe and watch what is happening to the hard-working employees, will I be able to live with that decision? Therefore, another alternative is to confront Eddie and Greg about their behavior and look for answers Eddie has the power to fire me on the spot to stop the information from going any further. When I was first employed at Wonky Widgets, Brad said to me that if I ever have any problems or questions I could