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Alyssa Quilang
Professor Abid
April 13, 2015 It’s More Fun in the Philippines
There are so many cities and countries I could choose from to be my perfect vacation destination, but the one place I would pick above all is the beautiful islands of the Philippines. I have visited so many different places before, but I have never felt more at home than I have been here. Every time I visit it feels like I have lived there my whole life and never left. The environment I live in at home helps contribute to that feeling. There are many reasons why I would pick this place, but it is mainly because of the mouthwatering food, all the sights you can visit, and the people’s welcoming hospitality.
Food is very popular when it comes to this country. Everywhere you go you will see people selling food in the middle of the street during traffic, or when you go around the block, there will be countless amounts of food kiosks, and small family owned restaurants. I was always so overwhelmed by all the food that I would never know where I should start digging in first.
There are so many different dishes like Pancit Canton, which is a fried noodle dish with chicken or chinese sausage and stir fry vegetables. Or Adobo, a dish with chicken, beef, or pork with vinegar and soy sauce. If you want to be a little more adventurous then go and try Balut­ a boiled egg which contains the fetus of a baby duck. There is no way to sugar­coat it. It is what it is. This particular snack is not for everyone, but because you are in a foreign country, why not be a bit daring. There is always one dish that no one could never go wrong in choosing, and that would

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be Lumpia. Lumpia is a Filipino version of a Chinese egg roll, but the difference is the Lumpia wrappers are much thinner because they are made from rice paper which contains no eggs
(Wahlig). The Lumpia is paired with a sweet and tangy chili dipping sauce that will leave you salivating for more. Once you pop one of these into your mouth, there is no going back. When you visit the Philippines, there is no possibility for you to go hungry because of all the food everywhere you go.
When you are done fanning over the food, it is time to visit all the wonderful sites and tourist attractions of the Philippines. The Philippines is made up of more than 7,000 islands. That leaves so much for you to see and explore and since the weather is nice and warm all year round, it makes it perfect to be out and about. One place that is a must­see when you visit is the island of Boracay. According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, they selected Boracay as the best overall island in 2012. The island is so beautiful; that it looks like an absolute paradise. The beach sand is white and soft, it feels as if you are walking on clouds, and the ocean looks so inviting because of its crystal clear blue waters.When you visit the island, there is no shortage of activities for you to try. Boracay has around twenty­five dive sites that cater to all levels of experience (Jha). Not only that, you can also go parasailing, snorkeling, or cliff diving. Some other non­water activities you can do is rent out an ATV and drive around the islands’ hills to look at the breathtaking views and capture that Kodak picture moment. If sports are not for you, you can indulge in a relaxing massage right on the beach, or go shopping at the stores lined up and down the strip of the beach. When all that is over and the sun goes down, walk over to one of the restaurants and bars and enjoy a drink or few, as live bands and DJ’s entertain you.
Boracay is the perfect mix of relaxation and entertainment that you will never want to leave.

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You can eat all the food you want and go to all the places you want to go but a place is only as good as the