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Submarine Cables & the Advancement of Telecommunications Worldwide

Tables of Contents
Report Summary

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: History of Submarine Cables
Page 3: Submarine Cables Around the World
Page 4: Effects of Natural Disasters and placement of cables
Page 5: Types of Cables- Coaxial and Fiber Optic
Page 6: Tables of Submarine Cables data
Page 7 Improvements, strengths of cables, and lying of cables with vessels.
Page 8: The Future of the Submarine Cables and Conclusion
Page 9: References

Report Summary

This report will look at all the aspects of why submarine cables have become more advanced over the years helping to move telecommunications to a whole new level. Looking at the history, process of creating, laying, and repairing the cables will be addressed along with the affects that submarine cables hold for the future of telecommunications. The future possibilities and possible problems that could come as well as the positive aspects of the submarine cables will be talked about.

Have you ever wondered how you could send information across the world in a matter of milliseconds across the globe? Or, how could receive the information? Did it ever occur to you how it was possible to communicate using such drastic speeds? It was first used in the 1850’s and was what many thought, a very sophisticated invention. Also it is something that has assisted with the advancement in telecommunications dramatically over the years. The technological creation of Submarine Cables has helped with sending and receiving of information from many various places around the world to different places, making it almost beneficial for everyone that uses the Internet and telephone on a regular basis. Now days that category of “people using the Internet and telephone” is nearly everyone, making submarine cables something to be educated about.
There are multiple important things to know about when talking about submarine cables. These are many of the things that will be discussed throughout this report. The history for submarine cables dates back to around the 1850’s. The art in and perfection that goes into creating and laying the submarine cables takes precision and concentration. The advancement of the way that the cables were made is another important topic that will be discussed. When thinking about how the advancement of submarine cables connects with the Internet bandwidth connection. There are also many dangers of putting cables undersea, making them susceptible to damage because of the ocean animals and fisherman that sale the seas. Certain Submarine Cables are more important than others. Depending on where it connects from end to end (place to place) and what type of information is transferred through those specific cables on a daily basis play a big part in the amount of security that takes place for that cable. The durability of these cables is very important and degree of temperatures it can last in is vital. If a cable is in a certain amount of climate will it stop working or lack speed when transferring data?

These are all things to think about when thinking about submarine cables and why they are so significant as the world’s telecommunications advances day by day. The amount of money and work labor that is put into the production and the usage of these submarine cables is something to be noted. The industry is only growing, becoming more advanced, fast, reliable, durable, and worthwhile with it benefitting everyone in this day and age. With all of the new information and advancements, telecommunications was and still is being taken to the next level.
In the late 1700’s someone by the name of Salva came up with the idea that he could link together cables underwater that would connect from one telegraph to another. It all started in the 1850’s when a single wire was linked from England to France, which would be generally known as the start of the undersea telecommunications. Not