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It's truly amazing to think how much technology impacts our lives from the cars we drive, television we watch, to the cell phones we use to communicate in every form possible that's available to use today. Being raised in a rurial area of Mississippi as a child, many of the modern day technologies were not at our disposal due to financial hardships that my family had to endure. At this point I would have to say that the cell phone is a technology that I would not be able to live without within reason. My constant need to communicate with my family and job is a must so that is the most vital technology that I would need at this point in my life. I could go "off the grid" if my children were with me constantly because that's my last resort of my need for a cell phone is to communicate is primarily for my children. If I was forunate enough to break away from the trappings of technology then the greatest benefit of living "off the grid" would be the lack of funds need to keep my cell phone operational. My grandmother was able to cook, clean, and live with little technology so I know with my upbringing that I'm capable of doing the same. Currently my job needs to have access to me through email as well as contacting me through phone so it would not be possible to make a living without my cell phone. The current job that I have enen has it as a requirement to be considered for the job to have a cell phone that's operational at all times. Lastly, limited technology access to a