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It’s a Man’s World Men and women have had a dialogue with each other since the beginning of time. By looking at the Population of the World today we have no problem communicating to some degree, but how do these rules change once you have clocked in for the day? I don’t believe the workplace creates a breakdown of how we talk to each other anymore but it depends on who you ask that question to. Would an older person agree with me or would the younger generation say ‘I can’t believe it use to be that way’. Although there is some disconnect with how men and women communicate in general, I believe the gap has been shortened due to men and women fulfilling roles that weren’t previously their responsibility. In the past thing were a whole lot different from these days. Women were more of the caretakers of the family. Men took care of the financial needs and occasionally doing the dirty work while women attended to more of the household needs. This was normal in my household because my mother didn’t work until I was about ten. I remember when I was younger me and my twin sister helping with chores around the house while my mother would watch her favorite soap at that time “Days of our Lives”. I thought that my mother’s job was to keep up with us, not understanding that my father’s sacrifice of military service is what allowed my mother the opportunity. With homes today consisting of a single parent that is usually the woman, it’s no wonder why women have accepted the challenge and now outnumber men altogether in the workforce. Now that women are in more leadership roles than before, communication has improved immensely between the sexes. Communication is key to maintaining any relationship. How a Coach is perceived by their team could be the difference between a win or a loss. Great relationships can understand the other party even if what’s being said isn’t in the form of words. It can be a certain look or a different tone in how something is being answered. Maybe a movement when a person is replying. These nonverbal cues often take time to understand for men because we are so mechanical. When we hear a statement or sometimes even an opinion we go into our toolbox and start handing tools out so we can tell you how to fix the problem. This drives women crazy because most of the time the answer isn’t what their looking for, it’s that what’s being said is heard and that we can identify with what’s going on. This is very tough for some men to master because we are taught to be fearless and not to show any emotion, although it’s what fuels women so she will tell you how things make her feel instead of asking how do I fix