Essay about iTunes: Hardware and Software Requirements

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About iTunes iTunes makes it easy to enjoy your favourite music, films, TV programmes and more on your PC, iPhone, iPad or iPod. iTunes includes the iTunes Store, a place you can download everything you need to be entertained, day or night. iTunes keeps your purchases in iCloud and makes them available on your devices anywhere, anytime, at no additional cost. iTunes also includes iTunes Match, which lets you store your entire music library in iCloud, including music from CDs, so you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime, on your iOS devices, computers or Apple TV.
What's new in iTunes
The new iTunes includes a dramatically simplified player, a completely redesigned Store and iCloud features you'll love — this is the best iTunes yet. • Completely Redesigned. iTunes makes it more fun to explore and enjoy your music, films and TV programmes. You'll love the beautiful edge-to-edge design, custom designs for each album, film or TV programme in your library, and getting personal recommendations any time you click In the Store. • A New Store. The iTunes Store has been completely redesigned and now features a clean look that makes it simpler than ever to see what's hot and discover new favourites. • Play purchases from iCloud. Your music, film and TV programme purchases in iCloud now appear inside your library. Just sign in with your Apple ID to see them. Double-click to play them directly from iCloud or download a copy you can sync to a device or play while offline. • Up Next. It's now simple to see which songs are playing next, all from a single place. Just click the Up Next icon in the centre display and they'll instantly appear. You can even reorder, add or skip songs whenever you like. • New Mini Player. You can now do a whole lot more with a lot less space. In addition to showing what's playing, Mini Player now includes album art, adds Up Next and makes it easy to search for something new to play — all from a smaller and more elegant design. • Improved search. It's never been easier to find what you're looking for in iTunes. Just type in the search field and you'll instantly see results from across your entire library. Select any result and iTunes takes you straight to it. • Playback syncing. iCloud now remembers your place in a film or TV programme for you. Whenever you play the same film or episode from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV, it will continue right where you left off.
This update to the new iTunes addresses an issue where new purchases in iCloud may not appear in your library if iTunes Match is turned on, makes iTunes more responsive when searching a large library, fixes a problem where the AirPlay button may not appear as expected, and adds the ability to display duplicate items within your library. This update also includes other important stability and performance improvements.
For information on the security content of this update, please visit:[->0]. iTunes requirements
• PC with a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor and 512MB of RAM • To play Standard Definition video from the iTunes Store, an Intel Pentium D or faster processor, 512MB of RAM and a DirectX 9.0–compatible video card is required. • To play 720p HD video, an iTunes LP or iTunes Extras, a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or faster processor, 1GB of RAM, and an Intel GMA X3000, ATI Radeon X1300, or NVIDIA GeForce 6150 or better