Lanval By Marie De France

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December 1, 2014

From the 1980s-1990s, America has endured an immense increase of illegal immigration to their country. Seeing this matter getting quite out of hand, the US government had no choice but to add much more man power and technological supplies to its Border control. In an attempt to resolve this issue, the US government has been forced to establish many Operations in an effort to increase its border control. These operations including Operation “Hold the Line”, Operation “Gatekeeper”, and many others. By doing this, the level of immigration face a great decrease of 75%. The Mother, from the story “Borders” by Thomas King, has made a prideful decision that put upon herself the issue of facing a great conflict between her and the government. During the Arthurian period, after the Pope, the king had power over every other person. They had power over the noble, knights and all the people of the lower class (peasants, servants, serfs, etc.). Whatever the king says goes and no sort of assembly of individuals would be required to verify the king’s judgment. The king would not necessarily have a legitimate reason for doing what he does. Lanval, in the story “Lanval” by Marie de France, makes a prideful decision that would consequently result in him having to face the power that a King truly has. Bisclavret, from the story “Bisclavret” by Marie de France, makes a decision that, in return, causes his whole life and happiness to go down the drain. The Mother, Lanval, and Bisclavret have all made choices that have brought intense hardships upon themselves. Despite the entire struggle they have faced, they have managed to over these obstacles. They have managed to achieve true success in their lives. They have manage to achieve their “Becoming Jane”
The Mother from the story “Borders” by Thomas King makes the choice to say something which consequently brings countless hardships in her life. The mother wishes to visit her daughter who lives in the United States. Once she reaches the United States-Canada border, an old border guard approaches her vehicle and asks her a series of questions. He asked her where she was going, her purpose for her visit and then later asks one question that would immediately rise up numerous complications due to her